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Wanna Be a Wizard? HD

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Hebrew Wizards has created a great way to learn all that you need to know about being Jewish. From Jewish Holidays to the Torah, this app has 18 Free games to play and master in iPad and iPhone versions. All Free to enjoy and play.

Fun for kids and adults alike, this proven Hebrew Wizards educational system brings to life everything you want to know about being Jewish. Equipped with colorful illustrations and Jewish Avatars, this Wizard app is the most unique game available. Whether you’re preparing for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, working your way through Hebrew education or just want to gain a deeper knowledge of being Jewish. Wanna Be a Wizard is the app of choice. 18 FREE GAMES!

All Free Apps include subjects: 18 Games FREE
•Ten Commandments
•Bible People 1
•Torah Board
•Tanach/Jewish Bible
•Israel Map
•Maimonidies 8 Levels of Charity
•Famous Jewish Wizards
•The Holiday of Passover
•4 Questions
•J Holidays & Months
•Chanukah Miracle
•Tu B Shevat
•High Holidays 1
•High Holidays 2

Wanna Be a Wizard? provides hours of fun and education for Wizards of all ages who want to learn about being Jewish.

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